Underwater Photography

When diving, one of the first things your instructor will teach you is to, 1) buy your own gear and 2) buy an underwater camera to photograph or video some of the amazing things you are about to encounter. Well, in my case, both of these became true and here are some of those amazing sites that very few get to enjoy.

These images were taken while our cruise stopped in Cozumel, Mexico for the day. My wife and I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy some of the great diving locations most of our friends have told us about. Our adventure started with a 15 minute boat trip to a reef a few miles from shore that is part of a national underwater park. We conducted two dives  at depths of about 45 to 60 feet for about 30 to 40 minutes each. These are some of the images I was able to captured with my GoPro Hero 2 with a red filter to better capture the colors from the ocean. Enjoy!

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    • The red filter was off since these pictures are mostly below 60′ and it doesn’t help much at those depths. When I’m doing reef diving in Florida, the filter is definitely a must!

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