Space Coast

Saturn rocket in the Rocket Garden. The Saturn...

Saturn rocket in the Rocket Garden. The Saturn rockets was used on the Apollo missions and more. Exactly this rocket (SA-209) served as a backup launch vehicle during the manned Skylab missions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In celebration of my last day at work in the Space Coast in Florida, I’ve decided to post some images from the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center to showcase some of the amazing technological achievements NASA and Air Force have achieved over the last 60+ years of Space Exploration. While the Rocket Garden does not feature any of the new spacecrafts such as the Delta II, Delta IV, Atlas V, and SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicles, it does provide the public the necessary reminder of where to we come from and where we’re heading in the next 60 years of Space Exploration. If you ever come to the Space Coast, I recommend to look for any upcoming rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station listed under the Spaceflight Now website. If not launches are coming up, a stop at the Air Force Space Museum or Kennedy Space Center visitor center are a must!

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