Welcome to my website, my name is Roberto Cornier and I like to think that I am a photographer. I’m married to my beautiful wife Tatiana and we are the proud parents of a Pug named “Poe” and a Cat named “Chance” who keep our days filled with tons of fun and excitement. I’ve created this website as a medium to share some of the cool images that I take during my travels so that everybody can enjoy them. It is my opinion that photographs last longer than memories and these must be shared with the world so everybody can partake on each others adventures.

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas and work at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland as a Security Forces instructor as part of the Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA). Here I have the opportunity to work together with our mission partners from Latin America and travel to some of these nations as part of our Mobile Training Teams (MTT). My last assignment was at Patrick AFB/Cape Canaveral AFS were I was part of over 30 spacecraft launches to include the first SpaceX mission to the International Space Station, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) “Opportunity” and the last launch of the Space Shuttle. This assignment allowed me access to some of Americas national treasures that stand for the major achievements in space exploration in American history. This assignment was definitely one of the most amazing and unique opportunities I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. Between my job and the city of San Antonio, I get plenty of opportunities to take some amazing pictures that I will share on this site!

While the city provides me with countless sites to photograph, I am mostly interested on exploring astrophotography, night photography, abandoned buildings, high-speed photography, and underwater photography. I believe that these areas provide some of the most challenging but amazing shots that a photographer can enjoy.

Please, take your time and look around the site to enjoy some of the photographs I’ve posted on this website. If you wish to share photographs with me, feel free to post links below the respective posts.

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